Our Mission

Graceland was born from a professor's desire to help friends with special needs children and provide on-campus part-time job opportunities to undergraduates in computer science related areas. Families with special needs children have invested much money in special education software which sometimes does not work well once their children grow. Sometimes, they cannot find suitable applications because most of such applications are for younger children. Graceland exist to fill this large gap that exists between the availability and cost of commercial special needs software and the needs of parents of special needs teenagers or adolescents.We are dedicated to provide cost effective educational tools for teenagers and adolescents. Our products take advantage of the visual and touch features which are available in smartphones and powerful tablets which are widely available these days. By using the audio visual features, our products help special needs teenagers learn faster and retain what they learn by allowing them to repeat their learning experience anytime anywhere.We are always open to ideas on how to improve our applications and ideas for new applications that you would like to see. Free free to contact us with any questions, requests or ideas.



Develop educational mobile applications for special need children.


Provide a social network site for special need children.


Provide a support network site for parents of special need children.